Closing the School Year Review Post-Close Checklist

After Closing the School Year Close the Database Year Step is finished, please complete the following steps to ready the database for the next Academic Year.
1. Confirm the student status' for the current year.  Corrections can be made by Recording Student Actions
2. Confirm Homerooms and Advisors for students
3. Update year specific attributes if applicable.  Example: You may be tracking Student groups through attributes.
4. Update the Marking Period Info for the new year
5. Update the Daily Rotation
6. If you are using development, check development campaigns.  Make sure you have the next year Annual Fund created if applicable.  Note: Development fiscal years are independent of the school year and do not get updated through this Close of the Year Process.  This is only a reminder.  Annual Fund campaigns may be created at any time.
7. If you are using Development, run the Alumni Wizard for graduating students.
8. Update online donations to use new year campaigns/products.
9. Check the admissions academic year in School Info
    - Check the Apply Online Academic Years for your Inquiry/Apply Online
    - Follow Advancing Admissions Records for the next admissions year if applicable.
10. Delete/deactivate old Users.  Note: The User article has important information on handling staff users.
11. Remove Purchase Options for former students/faculty

Note: After Closing the School Year, every student's grade next year will be the same as their current grade.  This is desirable because of how the (Re) Enrollment Contract works. The (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles should be looking at the grade next year field to determine which version of the (Re) Enrollment Contract is shown to the parents. If your (Re) Enrollment Contract Profiles operate like this, then you should wait before Advancing Student Grades in the new year until you stop accepting contracts for the new academic year.

Note: After Closing the School Year, the School Year is Closed checkbox will automatically be checked in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Application Setup.

Note: Review the End of School Year Checklist
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