Closing the School Year Review Users

Users that are incorrectly set up need to be corrected.  

Staff associated with multiple users” - Staff records should only be associated with a single user.  The resolution depends on why there are multiple users.  If one of the users is a “parent” user, then this user should be removed and the remaining user used as both a staff and parent user.  If there is a duplicate staff user, disassociate the teacher from the user in the user profile.  Note: Be careful when deciding to remove a Staff user as it may be associated with DAT queries or filters.

“Students associated with multiple users” - Students should only be associated with a single user.  Choose which student user to retain and remove the other users for the student.

Parents associated with multiple users - Parents should only have a single user each.  First, make sure the Household Indicator is correctly specified for the users.  If there are still duplicates for a particular household and indicator, remove the duplicate users.  Note:  If the Parent is also a Staff, retain the staff user.

“Parent users with no indicator” - Make sure to specify the Household Indicator for users associated with households.

User associated with Students and Household/Staff users” - Student users should not be associated with their parent households.  Household users should not be associated with student records unless the student has a relationship of “Self” with the household.  Self households occur for schools where the student applies and submits contracts instead of their parent performing those steps.  Note: Students who are alumni should receive a new user associated with their new household record.  Students typically have users with emails provided by the school.  After the student graduates, they need a household user based around their personal email address information.

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