Closing the School Year Schedule Next Year

Please confirm with the individuals responsible for scheduling each division that they have completed scheduling, or have at least copied the minimum required to next year.  Note:  The master schedule builder and master load student functions are only available as Next Year functions.  If any school division still requires use of these functions, do not close the school year.

Every academic division which contains scheduling information should complete these tasks prior to Closing the School Year:
1.  Copy the existing Blocks to next year.
2.  Copy the existing Period Codes / period code groups to next year.
3.  Copy the Course Sections to next year.
Note:  If these are not copied, then the school division will be creating entirely new ones after the close.

If there are items that have not been taken care of or that need to be adjusted, you can exit the wizard and attend to those items. You may also click one of the links on this step to take you directly to the records in the current school division.

The chart at the bottom of this step indicates the existing blocks, period codes, and sections for each division. Please make sure that you have either copied that data or built new data for all divisions for the upcoming school year for any divisions which have schedules.

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