Closing the School Year Set BC Trax Month Field (BC Schools Only)

When determining the Trax month for a student and a course, PCR Educator will first look at the student course override for the student, then the mark type exam percent's month / mark type school percent's month, then the course month (specified on the course).  Setting the BC Trax Month for a  Mark Type Marking Period involves Configuring Mark Types associated with the courses. Note: If multiple months are present for the mark types, the largest integer month for the course section is used.  Example:  There is no student course override.  The mark types for the course have months specified of 1 for quarter one, 3 for quarter two, 6 for quarter three and 8 for quarter four. If the course section only meets semester one then the month used will be 3.  If the course section only meets for quarter one, then the month will be 1.  If the course section is a full year course, then the month will be 8.
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