Configuring Enrollment Profile (Division-centric)

Configuring Enrollment Profiles to be division-centric means that a student's statuses and substatus are different for each school division.  This approach is the most flexible, but also the most complex.

Actions which specify a student's status and substatus specific to each division.  Example:  And Elementary School student receive an action called “Enrolled Elementary”.  They only have an Enrolled status for the Elementary School division.  They have no status for the Middle School or High School.  

    - The most flexible setup
    - The most accurate setup in terms of student enrollment in each division
    - Operates correctly with Summer Camp or divisions where separate enrollment is necessary

    - Requires actions which change statuses and substatuses to be created for each division
    - Requires enrollment profiles for each division
    - More complex setup for Admin, Admissions, and (Re) Enrollment Contracts
    - Cross-divisional students require an action to make them Enrolled in the other division.  Example:  If a middle school student takes a high school class, that student must receive an action which sets their high school status to Enrolled so they show up in attendance rosters and gradebook for their high school class.
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