Configuring Enrollment Profile (School-centric)

Configuring Enrollment Profiles to be school-centric means that a student's statuses and substatus are consistent across all the school divisions.  This is the standard setup for most schools at this time and has the advantage of being relatively simple and convenient in its setup.  Note: This setup cannot be used if there are regular divisions (Elementary, Middle, and High) as well as divisions such as Summer School or After School.  The key factor is that there might exist students of the same grade level which might be enrolled in one division and not another.  Example:  Student A is grade 10 and enrolled in High School.  Student B is grade 10 and enrolled in Summer School.  With a School-centric approach, both students show in the student lists for both divisions. 

Actions which specify a student's status and substatus are shared across all divisions.  Example:  When a student is Enrolled in Elementary School, they also have a status of Enrolled for Middle School and High School.  If the student is Withdrawn, they appear withdrawn in all divisions.  Note:  The Enrolled Elementary School student does not show up in the Middle School of High School division by default as those school divisions restrict the appearing students by grade level.

    - Fewer actions are required as you only need 1 action to handle each status and substatus change.
    - Searching for a student status is simplified as you don't need to consider different divisions.  Note: Student status is still dependant on the school year.  
    - Cross-divisional students do not require early enrollment actions.  Example:  If a middle school student takes a high school class, they can be added to the class in scheduling and are already considered “Enrolled” and show up in attendance rosters and gradebook without additional Student Actions.

    - Cannot be used with a Summer Camp / Summer School setup as additional divisions.
    - Status by division may be considered inaccurate.  Example:  A first grade student has an Enrolled status even from the High School's perspective.
    - Cannot “Graduate” students from individual divisions and have that reflected in the student's status.
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