Configuring Enrollment Profile

Before configuring an Enrollment Profile, ensure all the desired Inquiry and Student actions have been created. To configure an Enrollment Profile navigate to Admissions > Maintenance > Enrollment Profiles. You need the Admissions Full role to access this page.

Enrollment Profile Name is the name identifying the enrollment profile. This name is only used by administrators to identify the enrollment profile and is not exposed to families.

Divisions are the school divisions for which the enrollment profile is available.

Additional Processing
    -  Copy Inquiry to Student determines whether to copy inquiry data to the student record. This setting will generally be set to yes unless the enrollment profile is used for summer school and summer camp. When the enrollment profile is used for summer, it may be desirable to leave the inquiry record as is and not copy its data to the student side, as it's expected that the inquiry will continue its admissions process independently from the summer division. When this setting is set to yes, the system migrates financial aid awards to the student record and copies priorities and photos. When this setting is set to yes, you can  Select Inquiry Actions to be applied to an inquiry record upon enrollment. Select an action that changes status so that you can easily filter out inquiries that are already migrated to the student side.   
    - Copy Student to Inquiry determines whether to copy student data back to the inquiry record.  If the inquiry record no longer has a relationship to the household, that relationship is re-established.  Any financial aid associated with the student record will be moved back to the inquiry record.  Note: If there is no inquiry record, the student actions will still be applied, and the student will be dropped from courses if Drop Students from Course Sections is checked. Note: This setting should be used to unenroll an existing student and is typically used in situations when the student was enrolled by mistake.

Enrollment Year determines which academic year the action(s) are created for. Actions can be created for the Enrollment year and the year prior to Enrollment.  Example: The student is enrolling for the next year, but the student record needs to be created now in order for the parents to fill out a (Re) Enrollment Contract.  You want the Enrolled action specified for the Enrollment year; however, the student record is created now, and you do not want to see them on student lists for the current year.  So, you can specify a “Pre-Enrolled” action for the Enrollment Year - 1 without an  Enrollment Month and Day. The “Pre-Enrolled” action has the academic year before the Enrollment year and the action date is for the date that the parent begins the (Re) Enrollment Contract.  For the current year, the student appears as Pre-Enrolled.

Enrollment Month and Day determines the month and day that the action uses based on the Enrollment YearNote: If the Enrollment Month and Day are not specified, the action is dated for the current date at the time the Enrollment Profile is used.  

Inquiry Actions are the set of actions that are applied to the Inquiry when they are enrolled as a Student.  Example: You want all Inquiry statuses to change to “Enrolled.” Include a suitable action to change the Inquiry's status.  Example:  You want all Inquiry statuses to change to “Copied.”  Include a suitable action to change the Inquiry's status.

Student Actions are the set of actions applied to the Student records. These actions usually change the student's Status, Substatus, or both. Common statuses for Enrollment Profiles are Enrolled or Pre-Enrolled.

Drop Students from Course Sections determines if students are dropped from all their courses whether or not the Enrollment Profile is used. Note: The student is dropped from all courses in the current year and the next year in all divisions. Except for very unusual circumstances, this setting is always set to “No” for Enrollment Profiles.

Note: Students' “Enrolled Date” is calculated based on the most recent “Enrolled” action on the student record. Returning students should not receive a new enrolled action each year. If necessary, an action besides “Enrolled,” such as an action called “Returning,”  could be applied instead.  Example: If a student receives an Enrolled action dated 9/1/2016 and another Enrolled action dated 8/1/2017, the enrollment date is calculated as 8/1/2017. The transcript reports the enrolled date as 8/1/2017. Note: This works the same way for Graduated and Withdrew actions.  Note: Enrolled, Graduated, and Withdrew dates are shown on transcripts depending on the transcript settings. Note: The name of the action is referenced for calculating the enrollment date.  If you have an action named “Returning,” which sets the student's status to Enrolled, this does not impact the enrolled date on transcripts.

Create User Checkboxes: The create user checkboxes that were previously only in Campus when applying for an enrollment profile are now on the enrollment profile widget itself. This includes the Multi-Action Enroll and the Details - Enroll options, which now have settings to create parent and student records directly from the Enrollment Profile.

Password Settings: The password doesn't matter when creating new users, as they should use the Reset Password function to set their password.
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