Configuring Gradebook Settings

In your Staff Portal, navigate to the Gradebook Settings/Preferences page.  This may be located under the “Class” heading or somewhere else depending on your school's set up.

- Check Category Weight if certain gradebook categories will have more impact on the gradebook average than others. For example, If gradebook assessments within the Test gradebook category will have more impact on the gradebook than gradebook assessments within the Homework gradebook category, you will check the Category Weight option.

- Check Assessment Weight if certain gradebook assessments within a specific category will be have more impact on the gradebook than others.  Note: With the exception of some math and science teachers, no one uses this setting.

- Check Hide Gradebook option if you do not wish to share your gradebook grades in the Parent/Student Portals.

- Check Lowest Grade Calculation if you want to drop a gradebook assessment score.  The gradebook will automatically highlight the lowest grade based on the lowest grade calculation that is set.

Note: The lowest grade will only be calculated based on gradebook categories that do not have the Excl Drop option checked.

Note: The system will NOT automatically drop the lowest grade, it is up to the teacher to exclude grades at the end of the term.

Note:  If categories are not appearing in your gradebook when you Group By Category, this indicates that these settings have not been saved.  To resolve this, save the gradebook settings for the course section.

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