Configuring Historical Mark

To ensure historical marks are reported correctly, current year schedule courses must be configured correctly.  The settings for the course are accessed via Admin > Courses > Courses > Details. You will need the Registrar Full role to access the Registrar portion of the courses' information.

For particular course grades to migrate to historical marks or appear on transcripts, make sure that Include On Transcript is checked.  If your school has alternate names for the course which appear on the transcript, specify the Transcript Course Name.  If the course is to be included in GPA calculations, make sure that the Credits Per Term, and Include In GPA are specified.  If the course is to have a weighted GPA, then specify the appropriate GPA Weight.  If the course is part of a special type of GPA calculation, you may also need to specify the Class Rank type.

The other important consideration for grades to appear on transcripts correctly is to make sure that the course has appropriate Mark Types associated.

Note:  Most schools don't have a special Class Rank type which would calculate on a transcript.

Note: If a class is not set to Include On Transcript, then it will not be moved to historical marks when closing the school year.
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