Configuring User (Admin / Admissions)

Admin and Admissions staff can create or update basic user information for parents and students.

To configure student users, navigate to Student > Details > Login.  You need the Admin Full, Admissions Full, or Registrar Full role to access this page.

To configure parent users, navigate to Households > Details > Login Parent 1 or Households > Details > Login Parent 2.  You need the Admin Full, Admissions Full, or Registrar Full role to access this page.

If no user is associated with the record, click the “Create User” button.  Note:  Generally, use the Default Password option for Communicating the Login / Password by way of an email.  

If one or more users are already associated with the record, those users are listed.  You have access to update the Username, Email, Full Name, User Alt Id, Approved fields as well as the ability to reset the password to the Default Password or to another password of your choice.  

Note: For parent logins, if their user does not have a Household Indicator specified, a message appears indicating that the user is missing the indicator.  This needs to be corrected in the Security portal.

Note: If the record has users with roles besides Parent, Applicant, or Student then your own user must have the Security Full role in order to access the page for that record.  These pages are intended to manage basic parent and student users by regular Admin and Admissions staff.  Records having users with higher levels of system access must be managed by Security Full staff.

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