Contact Relationship

There are two main ways to track contact relationships:

1. Implied Relationship is automatically calculated by the development module based on a contact's connections to students, inquiries or staff. Typically these relations are entered at the point of admissions or hiring and automatically show in development module. 

2. Contact-to-Contact Relationship tracks relationships between contacts such as business/owner, business/employee, child/parent. You have an option to select Contact Address, Contact Primary, or Contact Secondary for each side of the relationship. Example: 
Name Address / Primary / Secondary Relationship Inverse Name Inverse Address / Primary / Secondary Inverse Relationship Note
Alvarez Family Address Parent John Alvarez Primary Child John is a son of Mary and Alex Alvarez who are recorded as Alvarez Family. John is recorded as a primary contact of another Alvarez Family contact.
Mary Alvarez Secondary Owner IZ Corp Address Business Mary Alvarez is a secondary contact in Alvarez Family contact. She owns IZ Corp.
Alex Alvarez Primary Sibling Fe Jillian Primary Sibling Alex and Fe are siblings. Alex is the primary contact of Alvarez Family and Fe is the primary contact of Jillian Family.

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