Contact Type

Contact Types are custom fields which allow schools to label contacts. Contact Types are automatically assigned from the highest priority attributes associated with the Contact. Note, only active attributes are included in the calculation. If a contact is not associated with any active attributes belonging to a category, the contact will be assigned a type of Unidentified.

Example: consider a school with the following attributes configuration.

Board Members
- - - Board Member  
- - - Board Chair  

- - - Parent
- - - Parent of Alumni  
- - - Parent Non Graduate  
- - - Prospect Parent

- - - Alumn

- - - Faculty  
- - - Staff  

- - - Grandparent  
- - - Grandparent of Alumn  
- - - Grandparent Non Graduate  

- - - Friend  
- - - Society Membership  
- - - Solicitor  

- - - Business  
- - - Foundation  
- - - Non-profit  
- - - Government Agency  
- - - Financial Institution  

Consider a family with the following attributes:

Dellerege Family (Contact Address) --- Parent
George Dellerege (Contact Primary) --- Board Member
Olga Dellerege (Contact Secondary) --- Staff

Because Board Member is the highest priority attribute assigned to this Contact, the Contact Type is automatically calculated as Board Member.

Note: individuals within each contact have their own types. These types are calculated based on the highest attributes assigned to each individual and its address. Example: in the example above Olga's type is Parent because the address has a Parent attribute which has a higher priority than the Staff attribute. George's type is Board Member since this attribute has a higher priority than Parent. 

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