Contact is a constituency record that serves as a development extension of each household record in the database. A contact is a family consisting of one or two individuals, an organization or business. 

Published Name is the internal identifier for a constituency record. This name is the primary displayed name used in development. Example: Schwartz Family, Microsoft Corporation. Note: The “Name” search field on the contacts list searches across both contact first and last names, Published Name, and household name. Note: when Published Name is not specified, the system automatically shows the household name unless you are accessing a DAT Query or DAT Filter.

Send Mail (Development) alerts the system to automatically exclude contacts from all development mailings when this field is not checked.

Solicitor to Contact identifies a separate contact that is marked as a solicitor to the selected contact.

Contact Attributes and Contact Types are used to assign custom labels to contacts and to identify their roles and relations to the school.

Contact Address identifies the contact as a whole as opposed to Contact Primary and Contact Secondary records which refer to individual persons (typically spouses) within the contact.

Contact Relationships track contact relationships with students, inquiries, staff, and other contacts.

Contact Addresses are used to record different addresses associated with the contact.

Contact Awards are used to record awards, achievements and other honors that you may want to track on a contact level.

Donations are used to record gifts, pledges, matching pledges for the selected contact.

Contact Financial Information allows for tracking financial information about the selected contact.

Outside Donations allows for tracking information about the contact's gifts and pledges to other organizations.

Stored Payment Info keeps payment information that a contact saved in your system. For instance, if a contact signs up for a recurring gift online, their payment information is saved in the system to allow for automated withdrawals on the selected due dates.

Note: You should set up policies and procedures guide specifying how users at your organization enter data, maintain records, and perform various functions related to your Raiser's Edge database. By documenting your rules and guidelines for data entry, you help ensure the consistency of your data. Consistent data entry is crucial to the accuracy and validity of your reports, summaries, and queries.
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