Curious about Contactless Attendance for your school? See it in action here!

During these ever-changing times, accurate attendance records are essential. PCR Educator's attendance system helps schools record who was on campus, when they were on campus and where they were on campus. This can be done from the student's schedule or class period attendance taken prior to the start of each school day, or every period throughout the day. Our all-encompassing attendance solution limits cross-contamination, lessens staff workload and improves data accuracy.
Lately, contactless attendance has been a primary focus of PCR Educator's mission. Our ID Badging solution allows you to create custom badges from your PCR Educator SIS database. ID barcodes can be printed onto badges for both students and staff. Our ID Badging system also assists in keeping your school's campus secure. For example, if a mask obscures a visitor's face, having an ID Badge on hand, or on a lanyard, helps easily verify that visitor belongs on campus.
Using their IDs, students can then check in to confirm their presence at school at a Tardy Kiosk, or Positive Attendance Kiosk, using a barcode scanner. When scanners are set to auto-scan, an ID badge is held under the scanner, the scanner reads its barcode, and the student's information is immediately displayed on the kiosk. Our scanners also read barcodes directly from cell phone screens. Any forgetful students that misplace their IDs can load their digital ID directly onto their phones. Additionally, if neither the phone ID nor digital ID is available, PCR Educator has a combo keypad entry option allowing students to type in their ID manually.  
As schools continue reopening and limiting room capacities, or alternate student schedules, Attendance Kiosks can expedite students in moving through your school's daily processes. For students who arrive late during the day an Attendance Kiosk located in the front office, or near your school's reception area, will automatically enter tardies into PCR Educator's database along with a time-stamp. This information is immediately available to teachers, allowing them to admit late students to class while saving front office staff time.
Now more than ever, accurate attendance for all students in your school is needed. Attendance scanners can be deployed anywhere attendance needs to be taken. When a student checks in using a Positive Attendance device, the student is entered as present in that room with a time-stamp. Teachers then see these timestamps on their daily rosters.
Interested? Here's a quick video showcasing how our system works.
If your school wants to check out PCR Educator's contactless attendance system more thoroughly or would like to learn how to better utilize it, please reach out to us today! 

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