Customer Balance Configuration

In Finance > AR > Customers/Students screens,  there is a section that breaks down the balance by transaction type and account.  By default, the balance is calculated as of today.  However, the school can adjust settings to view customer balances as of a certain date, include unposted transactions, exclude liability accounts etc.  To access balance calculation settings, click the “Balance” column.

If a category in Excluded Account Categories is checked, any transactions within that category are not included in the customer balance.  Example:  If your school has a deferred account set up to hold payments that were paid before the invoice issued date, it is recommended to exclude Liability account category.  This prevents deferred payments to be counted in the customer balance if the “To Date” in balance settings is set prior to the invoice issued date.

Transactions are calculated in the customer balance starting from the date specified in From Date up until the date specified in the To Date field.  If From Date is not specified, the balance calculation takes into account all transactions up until the To Date.

If Include Unposted is checked, transactions that are not posted as of the selected range of dates are taken into account in the balance calculation.  

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