DAT - Common Student Tables: Actions

Student Actions play an important role in the Status/Substatus Calculation - Student as well as tracking if (Re) Enrollment Contracts and (Re) Enrollment Forms have been submitted. When linking to this table, specify the academic year for your DAT Filter or DAT Query. Note: You can use DAT Functional Operators to make your filter more generic and reusable. Note: The DAT - Basic Student Data Structure shows how the tables mentioned in this article are combined. Avoid DAT Query And DAT Filter Common Mistakes when including this table.

Field Description
Academic Year This indicates which year the action pertains to. A student may have the same action for multiple years. Example: Students are expected to submit (Re) Enrollment Forms each year.
Action Date This is the date the action takes effect. Some actions are future dated because the student's status is to change on a specific date. Example: Graduated actions for seniors are added to student records early to include the graduated date on the Transcripts. They are also future dated so that the student remains enrolled through the rest of the school session.
Action Description This is the name of the action.

ExampleDAT Filter for students that have not submitted (Re) Enrollment Forms.

  1. Start by Creating New DAT QueryNote: If you are on a student list like Admin - Students, you can skip to step 3 start a DAT Filter.
  2. Select Student Info for the initial table. DAT Query - Step 1 - Choosing Initial Table
  3. Start a new DAT Filter
  4. Link Student Info to Student Actions.  DAT Query - Step 1 - Connecting Tables
  5. Add a DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Condition for Academic Year = 20202021
  6. Add a DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Condition for Actions Description = Forms Submitted.  Note: The specific name of your forms submitted action may vary from this example.
  7. Save your filter conditions and Add your filter.
  8. Change your filter to Must Not Have.
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