DAT - Common Student Tables: Statuses

The Status by Division table tracks the student status by each division for both the current year and the next year.  When linking to this table, specify the school names and school year that are important for your DAT Filter or DAT QueryNote: By default, the software adds a condition for your current school division.  Note: The DAT - Basic Student Data Structure shows how the tables in this article are combined.  Avoid DAT Query And DAT Filter Common Mistakes when including this table.
Field Description
Name This is the name of the school division.
School Id This is the school id for the school division. Note: If Name is specified, then the School Id does not need to be specified.
School Year Str This is a more readable version of School Year
School Year 0 corresponds to the current year and 1 corresponds to the next year. Note: If School Year Str is specified, then the School Year does not need to be specified.
Status The status of the student for the School Id/Name and School Year
Substatus The substatus of the student for the School Id/Name and School Year

Example:  You want to exclude Summer School only students as an option on the (Re) Enrollment Forms.  To accomplish this, you will want to restrict your filter to students whose current grade is less than the highest grade level and whose status is Enrolled for next year in your non-summer divisions.  Note: Use the current grade level because the next grade level usually also matches the current grade level for graduating students:  A student who is grade 12 this year may also have grade 12 listed for next year.  Note: Use the next year's status because new students who complete a contract are Enrolled for next year.  Note:  Some students may participate in both the summer and the main divisions.  Therefore, the status for the summer division is irrelevant.  The student must be enrolled for the main divisions.

Construct the new DAT Filter as follows:
  1. Start by Creating New DAT Query
  2. Select Student Info for the initial table. DAT Query - Step 1 - Choosing Initial Table
  3. DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions to limit the grade levels to non-graduating grade levels in the current year.  This is achieved using the Grade Level Code or Grade Level Num field.
  4. Next DAT Query - Step 1 - Connecting Tables to link Student Info to Status By Division.
  5. DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions for Status = Enrolled, School Year Str = Next Year, and School Name of your non-Summer divisions.  Note:  If available, specifying an Admissions division is usually sufficient.
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