DAT - Webinar

The Data Analytics Tool video recordings can be accessed below:

DAT Webinar - Development Level I covers reporting for contacts, donations, payments, and campaigns.
DAT Webinar - (Re) Enrollment covers reporting that is specific to (Re) Enrollment Contract and (Re) Enrollment Forms.
DAT Webinar - Development covers reporting that is specific to the Development module such as donor and donation reports. It also goes over updating standard development reports.
DAT Webinar - Admin/Admissions covers reporting that is specific to the Admin/Admissions modules such as student and household based reports, inquiry reports, and printing documents.
DAT Webinar - Attendance covers building queries for Daily Attendance, Period Attendance/Discipline, Attendance Not Take, Lunch Choices, and Check In/Check Out.
DAT Webinar - Basics covers the basics of the Data Analytics Tool such as creating a new report, sorting functionality, setting column orders, pivoting functionality and more.
DAT Webinar - Finance covers building queries involving customer invoices/receipts and vendor invoices/receipts including a discussion of the common tables for Finance.
DAT Webinar- Schedule covers building queries involving schedules including a discussion of the most common tables for Scheduling
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