DAT Fields - Step 2 - Adding Calculated Field

Calculated fields are dynamic formula-based fields added to a DAT Query in DAT FIelds - Step 2.  

To add a new calculated field:
     - Identify the numerical fields and their corresponding variable names listed in the first column of the grid.
    - Specify the desired formula below the grid using the variable names identified in the previous step. Example: A / 100 Example: A * B
    - Click “Add Calculated Field”

Note: Calculated fields can be constructed from other calculated fields.

Note:  The type of number shown is determined by the type of numbers involved in the formula.  If only integer numbers are used, the result will be an integer number.  If a decimal number is used at any point, then the result will be a decimal number.  Example: Suppose A represents an integer column.  A / 100 will result in an integer value.  If the value for A is less than 100, the result will be 0.  Example:  Suppose A represents an integer column.  A / 100.0 will result in a value with decimals because the divisor is a decimal.

Note: The following characters may be used to create calculated fields:

( ) Parenthesis controlling the order of mathematical operations. Note: Opening and closing parenthesis must match.
+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
A-Z Variable names corresponding to an existing numeric field.

Note: A calculated field may not be added if the resulting number is too large, too small, or results in an invalid mathematical result.  Example: Division by 0.

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