DAT Fields - Step 2 - Aggregating

Aggregation is a part of the DAT Fields - Step 2 process and it allows you to use of one of the aggregate functions as opposed to using the field directly. You can specify an aggregate function for any numeric DAT Display Field

Example:  You have selected fields for customer and invoice total.  You can use the sum aggregate to get the invoice totals for customers.  Suppose you now change that to have customer, invoice date, and invoice total.  Now, when you use the sum aggregate on the invoice total, you will get the daily invoice total for customers.  Each additional field you have in your result will further determine how the Aggregate is calculated.

    - Count will give a count of all the values.

    - Distinct Count will give a count of unique values.

    - Average will give the arithmetic mean - defined as Sum / Count

    - Max will find the maximum value.

    - Min will find the minimum value.

    - Sum will add up all the values.

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