DAT Fields - Step 2 - Pivoting

Pivoting is a part of DAT Fields - Step 2 process and it allows converting rows to columns for the purpose of counting, summing, averaging, or finding min/max values for your data.  Only DAT Display Fields that have a Multi-Select condition from the DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions step are eligible to be a Pivot Aggregate column.  The multi-selected values become new columns on the result and will show the values in the rows according to the aggregate function.  Example:  The 1099 query for merging 1099 MISC in finance has a condition on Box Number for values 1 through 14.  The pivot aggregate function is a Sum on the Box Paid Amount.  The resulting output lists each box number as a column, and the value for each column is the sum of the paid amounts for that box number for each vendor.
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