DAT Multi-Action

If you have included a suitable DAT Key Id Field, you can use the DAT Multi-Action to run your DAT Query for selected records.  You will need the DAT Full role to use the DAT Multi-Action (available for Students, Households, Inquiries/Applicants, Courses, Staff, Donations).

Example:  You've created a DAT Query with student id column.  Under Admin > Students, you select all your 9th graders and use the multi-action DAT Query.  Choosing the desired DAT Query from the drop-down will run that DAT Query, but only for your 9th graders.

Example: You've created a DAT Query for the students and their courses.  You've included the student id column and course id column.  You can run this same query by Admin > Students, choosing students, and running the multi-action DAT Query, or by Admin > Courses, choosing courses, and running the multi-action DAT Query.

Note: The drop-down will include options for any DAT Query which you have created or which you have roles for that also have the suitable id.

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