The DAT Query is the core part of our Data Analytics Tool that allows you to create custom data sets.  You can then use these data sets for:

- DAT Dashboard Element 

- DAT Mailmerge

- DAT Record Selection

- DAT Multi-Action

DAT Query items can be categorized and shared with other users based on user roles.

Here is a comprehensive index of the articles for DAT:
DAT Query
--DAT Group
--DAT Dashboard Element
--DAT Chart
--DAT Grid
--DAT Query and DAT Filter Common Mistakes
--DAT Multi-Action
--Accessing DAT Query
--Creating New DAT Query
----DAT Query - Step 1
------DAT Query - Step 1 - Choosing Initial Table
------DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions
--------DAT Field Condition
----------DAT Operator
----------DAT Functional Operator
--------DAT Parameterized Condition
------DAT Query - Step 1 - Selecting Display Fields
--------DAT Display Field
--------DAT Key Id Field
------DAT Query - Step 1 - Connecting Tables
----DAT Fields - Step 2
------DAT Fields - Step 2 - Uniqueness
------DAT Fields - Step 2 - Customizing Display Fields Appearance
------DAT Fields - Step 2 - Sorting
------DAT Fields - Step 2 - Aggregating
------DAT Fields - Step 2 - Pivoting
----DAT Column Order - Step 3 
----DAT Results - Step 4
------DAT Mailmerge
--------Creating DAT Mailmerge Template
--------Producing DAT Mailmerge Results
----DAT Chart - Step 5
----DAT Save - Step 6
-DAT Diagrams
-DAT - Development Data Structure
--DAT Webinar - Development Level I
-DAT - Finance AR Customer Statement Data Structure
DAT Webinar - Finance
--DAT - Finance AR Data Structure
--DAT - Finance AP Data Structure
-DAT - (Re) Enrollment Data Structure
--DAT Webinar - (Re) Enrollment
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