DAT Webinar - (Re) Enrollment

Please use this article as a supplemental resource for this DAT Webinar:  DAT Enrollment Webinar

1. Intro
    a. The Data Analytics Tool (DAT) is a comprehensive system for creating on-the-fly filters, exports, dashboards, print templates, emailing, queries and reports supporting advanced database concepts with left joins, logical conditions, aliasing, aggregates, pivots, predefined reports, parametrization, and flexible security access.
    b. We will cover the basics of building (Re) Enrollment related queries.  If you have suggestions, please send an email to support@pcreducator.com.  Based on your feedback, we may host another webinar to go over new questions and query suggestions.
    c. DAT Query considerations
        i. What information are you looking to extract?
        ii. Where is that information stored?
        iii. How to access that information in the DAT Query?
    d. Most common tables in the DAT - (Re) Enrollment Data Structure - 3 minutes 4 seconds
2. (Re) Enrollment Contract Options Selected - 12 minutes 30 seconds
3. (Re) Enrollment Contract Submitted by Year - 22 minutes 15 seconds
4. (Re) Enrollment Contract Customer Invoices and Customer Invoice Items - 28 minutes 31 seconds
5. Forms Submitted - 39 minutes 24 seconds
6. Forms Submitted with Actions/Attributes - 43 minutes 45 second
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