DAT Webinar - Development

Please use this article as a supplemental resource for this DAT Webinar.

1. DAT Dashboard Elements
2. Modifying stock DAT Query in the "PCR (Imported)" DAT Group  link
    a. [Development] $1001 - $5000 Donors link
        i. Adding fields DAT Query - Step 1 - Selecting Display Fields link
        ii. Adding conditions DAT Query - Step 1 - Adding Conditions   link
        iii. Changing fields  DAT Fields - Step 2  link
        iv. Saving report DAT Save - Step 6  link
    b. [Development] Campaign Comparison Summary  link
        i. Showing Years as Columns using DAT Fields - Step 2 - Pivoting link
4.  Creating New DAT Query - Donation and Campaigns Report LYNTY  link
    a.  Donation allocations  link
    b.  Restrict donations by fiscal year link
    c.  Campaign Allocations link
    d.  Sum donation amounts DAT Fields - Step 2 - Aggregating  link
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