Daily Rotation

The daily rotation is used to establish the schedule for the school calendar associating each calendar day with the rotation day.  To access the daily rotation, make sure you are in the Current Year Schedule and navigate to Scheduling > Blocks > Daily Rotation.  You need Scheduling Full or Scheduling Read roles to access this page.  Note: The daily rotation is specific to each school division.  Make sure every division with a schedule has its daily rotation set up.

For each day that school meets, specify the Day of Cycle for that day and choose the Day Status of In SchoolNote: The Day Status for a day when school is in session must be In School.  All other statuses are considered a variation of out of school - holidays, conference days, or other school closings.  Note: The days in the daily rotation work in conjunction with the attendance dates in Marking Period Info.

Day of Cycle is the type of schedule for that day based and corresponds to Block day of cycles.  Note: If the school does not meet for a specific day and you wish to record a Day Status, use the day of cycle 99.  Example:  The school has an “In Service” day on Wednesday.  You can specify Wednesday with a Day Status of “In Service” and Day of Cycle 99.  Note:  You can create additional Day of Cycles in you Blocks and Daily Schedule with alternative meeting times/schedules.  Example:  If you wish to schedule a “Half Day” of school, create blocks for an unused Day of Cycle with appropriate meeting times for the Half Day.  Update the Period Codes to include these new blocks.  Then use the new Half Day Day of Cycle for the Daily Rotation date.

Day Status is either In School or some variation of no school.  Note: If no day status is recorded for a day, then the school does not meet and the Day of Cycle will default to the first option in the drop-down.  Note: When you “Manage Day Status” the rule of “Attendance Day” is used to assist in recording calculated attendance.  Only “In School” should have the rule “Attendance Day” specified.  Example:  You mark a student absent for 2 weeks.  Days during that 2-week stretch that are not an “Attendance Day” will not have an attendance record recorded.

Note:  Make sure you remember to press “Save Changes” when you are finished!

Note: It is recommended to only set up the Daily Rotation for one month at a time.  If you set up the entire year in advance, and there is a surprise event which disrupts the school schedule, you may end up needing to shift several months worth of data.  If you only set up a month at a time, you would only need to modify a few weeks of data.

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