Enrolling Inquiries

The process of Enrolling an Inquiry:

    - creates a student record if no record previously existed
    - copies inquiry data to student
    - adds actions to the inquiry record so that it can be easily distinguished from other records which are still in admissions
    - adds actions to the newly created student record.

The process of enrolling is governed by the chosen Enrollment Profile. If a Preferred Student Id is specified in the inquiry record and there is no existing student with the same id, the new student is created with the specified Preferred Student Id.  If such a student id does already exist, then the student record is updated with the inquiry record information.  If no Preferred Student Id is specified, then the student is created with the next available student id, and the Preferred Student Id is updated in the inquiry record to match this id.

Enrollment Profile is the enrollment profile used for the enrollment procedure. “Enroll New Student” profile is typically used to enroll an accepted applicant through Inquiry->Details. This enrollment profile is provided by PCR Educator by default, as most inquiries are new students to the school.

Enrollment Year is the academic year that the inquiry is enrolling for.

Create Default Student Login creates a login with a Default Username and Default Password.

Create Default Parent Logins creates parent logins with a Default Username and Default PasswordNote: Since parents should be inquiring and applying through the Inquiry/Apply Online, they should have already created at least one user.

There are several ways an inquiry can be Enrolled:
    - Applying Enrollment Profile to Inquiry
    - Applying Enrollment Profile to Inquiries in Bulk
    - Applying Enrollment Profile to Inquiry Through (Re) Enrollment Contract
    - Applying Enrollment Profile to Inquiry Through Summer Camp
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