FAQ: How to close Apply Online and prevent new applications?

Follow the steps below when you no longer want to accept online applications:

Website Full role is required to make this change. 

  - Navigate to the Applicant Profile page
  - Go to properties of the Applications widget
  - Clear out the Application Academic Year1 and ApplicationAcademicYear2 settings

Note: Please remove any references on your public website that direct users to the online application once the application is closed.

: Consider adding a message on the Apply Online login page to let users know that the application is closed.  

Note: If  you plan to close the online application for a specific program, you can remove the option to select that program from your Inquiry Form and the online application.

Note: If you plan to close the online application for specific grade levels, uncheck the grade levels within the Apply Online Grade Levels setting in the Applications widget.

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