GL Account Mapping

Account mapping is the process of creating definable sections in the account numbers that will be used. Each section in the account number can represent a division, department or account type that the school has created.

Division Department Account Type Account Sub Type
(1) 0 (1) (650) (12)

The individual sections of the account number are created in Finance > Maintenance > Account Number. You will need to create the account number mask first.

  - Enter the name of the section in the text box at the top left of the page and click Add Section. 

  - Select the section name, the type and the count. Note: Types like digit and letter use count to represent the number of integers or letters used. Types like specific value allow you to enter a specific letter, integer or symbol. Example: digit 2 represents an account segment with 2 digits. Example: specific value “-” shows as “-” allowing to separate other meaningful segments of an account number.

  - Click Add Mask.
  - Repeat steps until all account number sections required are added.

Note: The order of the sections can be rearranged by selecting the up or down arrows under the section name.

The value represented in each section is entered in Finance > Maintenance > Account Number Mappings.

  - Select the section name from the drop-box on the top of the page.

  - Enter the code for that section. Note: The code is the value for that section in the account number. Example: a 2-digit section representing campus of the school may have codes 01 and 02 that refer to descriptions “Austin”, “Washington DC” 

  - Enter the description for the code. Note: The description would be what the value entered for the code represents.

  - Click Add.

  - Repeat steps for all sections added to the account number.

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