GPA Settings

Each GPA has default settings which are available by navigating to Admin - Maintenance - GPA Settings.  You need the Archiving Full role to access this page.  The standard available GPAs are Progress, Coursework, Term, Year, and Cumulative, though other custom GPAs may be available depending on your situation.

Class Rank Type only runs the GPA  for courses having a specific Class Rank Type.  If this is blank, all courses will be included in the GPA regardless of Class Rank Type.  Leave this setting blank unless directed otherwise.

Division runs the GPA for courses in the specific division only.  If this is blank, it will run courses for all divisions.  Leave this setting blank unless directed otherwise.

Ignore Glyphs evaluates the GPA points and credits as if the mark did not have a plus (+) or minus (-) at the end.  Example: B+ and B- grades would be evaluated as B grades.  Leave this setting unchecked unless directed otherwise.

Include in GPA Courses Only will run the GPA for only courses marked as Include in GPA.  If this setting is unchecked, the GPA will calculate for all courses.  By default, this should be checked.

Min Grade Level is the lowest grade level which is used for the GPA calculation. Example: if the min grade level is set to 11, then marks for grade levels 10 and lower are not used for GPA calculation.

Max Grade Level is the highest grade level which is used for the GPA calculation. Example: if the max grade level is set to 10, then marks for grade levels 11 and higher are not used for GPA calculation.

Min Student Grade Level is the minimum grade level that the student must have in order for the GPA to calculate.  Example: You might decide to only have the GPA calculate for seniors, but you still want the GPA to calculate for their 9th grade courses forward.  In this case, the Min Grade Level would be 9, the Max Grade Level would be 12, and the Min Student Grade Level would be 12.

Projected Type will use any available term grades in the GPA Calculation if there is no final grade yet.  Note: This setting is only applicable if the Term of Final (or Coursework) setting is specified as Final.  If there is only a semester 1 grade, then it will be used.  If there is a semester 1 and semester 2 grade, then both will be used.  

Term of Final (or Coursework) indicates if the GPA should be calculated based on Term grades, Final grades.  This setting is only applicable for Year and Cumulative style GPA Calculations.

Weighted GPA indicates whether the GPA should be weighted or not.

Note: Transcripts will use the specified settings by default.  In the case where the transcript shows both weighted and unweighted GPAs, the transcript will toggle the setting itself for both weighting types.

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