We had a fantastic discussion with our schools last year about the need for more flexibility when it comes to recording genders. Our goal was to implement a feature that would allow each school to define a set of available genders and control these values for different parts of your school management system. We are getting ready for the release and this is what you need to know:
- The default options are Female and Male and these are the only values which are used for gender balancing in our Scheduling Software
- Each school can add any additional options
- Each school can control which of the predefined gender options are available on the Inquiry Online, Application Online, and Parent Portal
- Transcripts and Reports Cards will display a student’s gender as defined: Female or Male (or any other option a school adds) as opposed to one character as it used to be before
- API will continue passing only the first character of the gender to ensure backward compatibility with those vendors who expect only one-character gender identification. However, if you add additional genders, please make sure to check with your vendor to ensure that the receiving system is capable of accepting any values other than F and M.
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