Generating Tax Receipt Record (Development)

To generate a Tax Receipt Record (Development), navigate to Development > Donations, select the donations you want to create tax receipts for, and use the multi-action Generate Tax #.  You need the Development Full role to access this multi-action.  

The start and end date for the tax receipts limits donations and pledge payments for the tax receipt to this date range.

Exclude NOT Posted excludes all unposted donations from the tax receipt.

Location is where the tax receipts are generated.  Note: This can be the name of your school.

Signature is the name of the person generating the tax receipts.

Exclude payments with assigned receipts excludes any donations and pledge payments which are already associated with another unvoided tax receipt.

Generate new receipts for payments with receipts, void existing voids any previous tax receipts that the donations or pledge payments were associated with, and creates new tax receipts.  Use this option to recreate tax receipts in the event of a mistake creating previous tax receipts.

One tax receipt per donation
generates one tax receipt per donation or pledge payment.

One tax receipt per donor generates one tax receipt per donor.  The individual donor tax receipt may involve multiple donations and pledge payments.

After clicking the “Generate” button, you are taken to a page with all the tax receipts just created already pre-selected.  

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