Google Classroom Integration

Google Classroom Integration allows administrators to push or pull data facilitating data exchange between PCR Educator and Google.

When you use this API, you have access to the following features:

  - Uploading Missing Course Sections to Google Classroom
  - Deleting Courses in Google Classroom
  - Syncing Students with Google Classroom
  - Syncing Categories with Google Classroom
  - Syncing Assessments with Google Classroom
  - Syncing Grades with Google Classroom

Before you begin, follow these steps for Connecting PCR Educator to Google Classroom.

Note: do not use these features without testing. Please request that PCR Educator creates a Google Test division for you where you can configure test courses, teachers, and students. 
Note: all features are division-specific and only affect information within the selected division.
Note: all features only evaluate Current Year information in PCR Educator system.
Note: since Google Classroom courses do not have support for terms (marking period,semesters, trimesters, or quarters), PCR Educator relies on Google Classroom section name to store section and term information.
Example: a Math course in PCR Educator with section 01 is represented by two Google Classroom Courses: Math 01 Term: 1 and Math 01 Term: 2. The naming convention is important and must match this format.

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