Gradebook Assessment

An gradebook assessment is referred to as any graded or non-graded item that the teacher assigns to a class; i.e., a single homework, report, reading assignment or test. Example: A gradebook category may be called “Test,” while a gradebook assessment may be called “Test Ch 1” or “Test Ch 2.”

Each gradebook category may have many gradebook assessments and teachers can input gradebook assessments throughout any open marking period.

Description refers to the gradebook assessment name and is displayed on the Student and Parent Portal as well as the Teacher Portal.
Short Description (10 character limit) in an abbreviated gradebook assessment name and is displayed in the gradebook.
Possible Points refers to the total number of points a gradebook assessment is graded on.
Start Date refers to when the gradebook assessment is assigned to students or when students should start working on the gradebook assessment.
Due Date refers to the last day to complete the gradebook assessment. A gradebook assessment can have the same start and due date.
Visible Date determines when the gradebook assessment will show online to students and parents. Example: if you want to show a gradebook assessment on the calendar only a week before the gradebook assessment start date, you can set the visible date to one week before the start date.
If Show in Gradebook option is selected, the gradebook assessment will be visible in the gradebook for teachers to enter grades. Note: If a gradebook assessment such as an assigned reading project will not be graded, the Show in Gradebook option can be unchecked.
If Enable Dropbox is selected, students will be able to submit gradebook assessments electronically.

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