The gradebook provides functionality for teachers to see each student, different gradebook categories, all previous grades, and how the current grade affects the gradebook category average and the overall gradebook average to date.

The gradebook also has columns for primary reported marks (quarter, exam, term, and final) to show how gradebook assessment scores affect grades that will be transferred to report cards. For more information on setting up reported marks, refer to Configuring Mark Types.

Group By Category option in the dropdown is used to list gradebook assessments by gradebook category.

Group By Date option will list gradebook assessments in order by their due dates.

The header of the gradebook widget has icons that are used for various displays and to export the gradebook.

Sort Ascending icon sorts each column in an ascending order. Student name columns are sorted in alphabetical order by last name whereas gradebook assessment and reported marks columns are sorted in numerical order from lowest to highest value.

Sort Descending icon sorts each column in a descending order. Student name columns are sorted in reverse alphabetical order by last name whereas gradebook assessment and reported marks columns are sorted in numerical order from highest to lowest value.

Switch X and Y Axis icon provides teachers the option to show student names in columns and gradebook assessment names in rows and vice versa.

Export icon extracts the gradebook into an excel spreadsheet.

Refresh icon recalculates all gradebook grades.

Open in New Window opens the gradebook on an empty page (without top or left navigation menu). This function provides more real estate for the gradebook and reduces the amount of scrolling in order for teachers to view the entire gradebook.

The Replace functionality can be accessed by clicking on any gradebook assessment column. This option allows teachers to find/replace grades for any gradebook assessment. This feature is convenient if teachers want to use a default grade for their gradebook assessments.

The Save and Recalculate functionality for reported marks can be accessed by clicking on a reported mark column. “Save All” button will finalize grades that will show on the report card and “Clear All” will recalculate grades if additional gradebook assessment scores are added after the teacher has finalized reported marks.

Note: When “Save All” option is used, reported marks will be saved and additional gradebook assessment scores will NOT affect saved grades unless the teacher recalculates reported marks by pressing “Clear All” button and then resaving the grades.
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