Handling Voided Receipts on Deposits

After a receipt is voided, if it was created by auto-pay (for payments created after 6/18/24), you can associate it with a deposit on the date of the void for the same payment processor.

  1. Void Count and Net Deposit Columns: The deposit list now includes two new columns:
    • Void Count: Displays the number of voided receipts associated with the deposit.
    • Net Deposit: Shows the net amount of the deposit after accounting for voided receipts.
  2. Associated Voids Dashboard Element: You can include an Associated Voids dashboard element to view voided receipts linked to the deposit. This element provides a clear and organized view of all voided receipts, enhancing transparency and ease of tracking.
Steps to Handle Voided Receipts
  1. Void a Receipt:
    • If a receipt needs to be voided, follow the standard procedure to void the receipt.
    • Note: This functionality applies to auto-pay receipts created since the 6/18 release.
  2. Associate with a Deposit:
    • Once a receipt is voided, it can be associated with a deposit on the date of the void, provided it is for the same payment processor.
    • This ensures that the voided receipt is accurately reflected in the deposit records.
  3. Review Deposits:
    • Navigate to the deposit list to review the updated columns:
      • Void Count: Verify the number of voided receipts for each deposit.
      • Net Deposit: Check the net deposit amount after void adjustments.
    • Add the Associated Voids dashboard element to your view. This will display all voided receipts connected to the deposit, making it easier to manage and reconcile your records.

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