Historical Mark

Historical Marks are all the grades that appear on transcripts from prior years.

Academic Year is the year the grades are applicable to.  Note that most transcripts will sort the courses first by Academic Year then by Department's Report Order then by Course Name.
If you wish to designate a historical mark as a summer course, keep this sort order in mind.  An example would be 2010/Sum which would put the class in a section after 2010/2011 year but before the 2011/2012 year.

Course Name is the standard name of the course.

Transcript Course Name is an alternate name for the course which may be shown on transcripts, depending on the transcript settings.  The default is to show the Course Name.

Type-Level is used for prerequisite logic, containing the type and level of the course.

School Name is the name of the school where the course was taken.  This field will normally be blank unless the course was taken at an external school.

Grade Level is the grade level of the student at the time the course was taken.

Number of Terms is the number of semesters or trimesters the course met for.

Credits Per Term is how many credits are earned for each semester of the course.

GPA Weight is the grade point average weighting.

Class Rank Type is used for including courses in specialized class ranks.

Example: where Class Rank Type might be used - you can designate all AP courses as AP, and run a Class Rank.  Some schools have a separate GPA for just their academic courses or some other variation of a custom GPA.

Department is the department the course belongs to.

Staff First Name is the first name of the primary teacher who taught the course.

Staff Last Name is the last name of the primary teacher who taught the course.

Attribute 1 is a field to store arbitrary information.

Attribute 2 is a field to store arbitrary information.

Attribute 3 is a field to store arbitrary information.

Include In GPA determines whether or not the course is included in GPA calculations.

External indicates whether the course was taken at the school or taken elsewhere.

Marks option will change depending on if your school is set up as Semester or Trimester school.  The Mark Type article will explain in greater detail what these marks mean.

TRAX are fields specifically used to comply with British Columbia Canada reporting requirements.  Most schools will not see these fields.  Please refer to the BC Ministry of Education TRAX documentation for details.

Trax Exam % is the grade of the exam provided by the BC Ministry

Trax School % the final grade assigned by the school.  The Trax School % does not include the Trax Exam % in its average, and the grade is based only on the course work performed at the school.  For an Examinable Course, the BC Ministry will provide both the Trax Exam % and Final Mark.

Examinable Course indicates if the course is an examinable course
Electronic Exam indicates if the exam was taken electronically
Month refers to the Exam month for examinable courses.

Code is the course code for this course.

Level is the course level for this course.

Related Code is the related course code for this course.

Related Level is the related course code for this course.

Type refers to the Course Type of Challenge, Equivalency or none.

Grad Req indicates whether a course meets the requirements for Fine Arts, Applied Skills, or Both.

Special Case indicates whether there is a provincial exam special case.

To Write Exam Grade 12, 2004 Grad Program only for optional written exams.

Note:  Transcripts generally only show grades of Semester/Trimester, Final, or both.  The other marks are retained for historical purposes.

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