IB (International Baccalaureate) MYP Gradebook Setup

Setting up the gradebook for International Baccalaureate MYP involves setting up the Score Types for the course.  The score types automatically become gradebook categories based on the score type's weight.

  1. Importing New Records - Score Entry Types or Configuring Score Entry Types.  Note: To make management of the entry types easier, create one entry type for each course and grading criteria.  Example: Name Math 8 Criterion A and Note Math 8.  Note: The MYP Comment is the verbal description of the score, the Description is the criteria name and is the same Description for all rows. Example: Description CriterionA, MYP Comment “The student demonstrates a discerning understanding of the text, topic and the author's choices, reliably using clarifying detail, development and support. In creative work, pieces reflect of keen imagination and sensitivity; the student employs literary and/or non-literary features successfully that serve the context and intention. The student exhibits a refined appreciation of applicable terminology, and uses it appropriately.”
  2. Importing New Records - Score Type Headings or Configuring Score Type Headings.  If Configuring Score Type Headings make sure to check the Is MYP checkbox.  If importing Score Type Headings, specify 1 for is_mypNote: To make management of the headings easier, create one heading for each Course and specify the course in the NotesExample: Topic Language 8 Achievement and Notes Language 8
  3. Importing New Records - Score Types or Configuring Score Types.  The Topic is the name as it appears on the report card and is also the name of the category.  The Grade Type is Other.  The marking period Weight must correspond to the possible points of the MYP criteria.  The Calculation Type must be “Category MYP” (or the formula must be “100” if importing).
  4. Associating Score Type Headings to their Courses or Importing New Records - Course Score Type Headings


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