Importing New Records - Evaluations

Follow the steps for Importing New Records

Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Person_Id Yes, if Person_First_Name, Person_Last_Name, and Person_Birthdate are not specified. Identifier “123” Id matches either and Inquiry Id or Student Id
Person_Type Yes Lookup “Student” or “Inquiry”  
Academic_Year Yes Data “20212022”  
Evaluation_Type Yes Lookup “Applicant Interview” See Configuring Evaluation for more info.
Evaluation_Site No Datasource Data “Library” Admissions > Evaluations > Evaluation Types > Edit > Evaluation Sites
Recd_Date Yes Data “1/1/2000” Date of when the scores are received.
Taken_Date Yes Data “1/1/2000” Date of when the evaluation is taken.
Comment No Data “abc”  
Grade_Level_Id Yes, if Grade_Level_Code is not specified Identifier “1” Security > Maintenance > Grade Levels.
 Grade_Level_Code  No Lookup "01"  Security > Maintenance > Grade Levels.
Person_First_Name Yes, if Person_Id is not specified. Lookup “John”  
Person_Last_Name Yes, if Person_Id is not specified. Lookup “Doe”  
Person_Birthdate Yes, if Person_Id is not specified. Lookup “1/1/2000”  
Section1_Name No Lookup “Academic Assessment” See Configuring Action (Evaluation Sections) for more info.
Section1_Score_Topic Yes, if Section1_Name is specified. Lookup “Applicant Score” See Score Type for more info.
Section1_Score1 Yes, if Section1_Name is specified. Data “5”  
File_Name No  File Name "Test1.pdf"  The name of the file which corresponds to the row.

Note: Section Name, Section Score Topic, and Section Score fields are repeated to allow additional evaluation score entry.

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