Importing New Records - Historical Marks

Follow the steps for Importing New Records.

Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Student_Id Yes, if student first/last/birthdate is unspecified Identifier “12345”
Student_First_Name No Lookup "John
Student_Last_Name No Lookup "Doe"
Birthdate No Lookup "1/1/2000"
School_Year Yes Data "2000/2001" Courses in the same school year are grouped together on transcripts. Format must be xxxx/yyyy
Grade_Level No Lookup "11" Matches with the integer value in Grade Levels.  Note: This grade level is the grade level of the student when they took the course.
Grade_Level_Id Yes, if grade_level is unspecified Identifier
Course_Name Yes Data "Algebra I" Does not need to match course names offered by your school.
Short_Course_Name No  Data  "MAT104" 
External_Course Yes Datasource "0 1 indicates the course was taken at another school. 0 indicates the course is taken at the school.
School_Name No Data Name of the school an external course is taken
Number_of_Semesters Yes Datasource "2" Possible values include 1, 2, 3, or 4
Credits_Per_Semester No Data "0.5" Value may be 0 or blank.
Include_In_GPA Yes Datasource "1" 1 indicates grades are included in gpa. 0 indicates grades are not included in gpa.
Hist_Transcript_Course_Name No Data An alternative course name which may be shown depending on the transcript setup
Class_Rank_Type No Lookup "AP Only" Source is based on CourseClass Rank” types
Attribute1 No Data
Attribute2 No Data
Attribute3 No Data
Course_Type3 No Data
Department_Id Yes Identifier "5" The department id helps determine which school division the record is for
First_Mark No Data "A"
Second_Mark No Data "95"
Third_Mark No Data "P"
Final_Mark No Data "A"
Teacher_Last_Name No Data "Smith" Does not need to match a teacher name with your school
Teacher_First_Name No Data "Jane" Does not need to match a teacher name with your school
First_Effort No Data
Second_Effort No Data
Third_Effort No Data
Fourth_Effort No Data
First_Quarter No Data
Second_Quarter No Data
Third_Quarter No Data
Fourth_Quarter No Data
First_Exam No Data
Second_Exam No Data
Third_Exam No Data
First_Final_Exam No Data
Second_Final_Exam No Data
Third_Final_Exam No Data
Course_Id No Lookup Leave this field blank unless directed otherwise
Section No Lookup Leave this field blank unless directed otherwise
BC_Trax_Examinable_Course No Datasource "1" 1 indicates that the course is an examinable course, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_Electronic_Exam No Datasource "1" 1 indicates that the student takes the electronic exam, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_Course_Code No Data "EN"
BC_Trax_Course_Level No Data "10"
BC_Trax_Course_Type No Data "E" E means equivalency and C means challenge
BC_Trax_Month No Data "6" Must be a value 1-12 or blank
BC_Trax_Proc_Spec_Case No Data "D" R means Rewrite, D means Deferral
BC_Trax_Related_Code No Data “YSSC”
BC_Trax_Related_Level No Data "11B"
BC_Trax_to_Write No Data "1" 1 indicates the student opted to write the optional exam, 0 indicates the opposite
BC_Trax_School_Percent No Data "95"
BC_Trax_Exam_Percent No Data "95"
BC_Trax_Grad_Req No Data "F" F meets Fine Arts, A meets Applied Skills, B meets both requirements
Course_Start_Date No Data "9/1/2000"
Course_End_Date No Data “12/1/2000”
Course_Type_Level_Id No Identifier "6" Course Type Levels are typically used for Graduation Requirements or Prerequisites
Lookup_Course_Type_Level_Id No Lookup "6" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id
Lookup_Course_Type No Lookup "Math" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id
Lookup_Course_Level No Lookup "105" Used to look up the couse_type_level_id

Note: Typically, only First_Mark, Second_Mark, Third_Mark, and/or Final_Mark are showing on transcripts. Other marks are retained only for data mining purposes.
Note: Only one record per student may have the same School_Year, Grade_Level_Id, Course_Name, External_Course, School_Name
Note: Attributes 1-3 and Course_Type3 are used to store custom data
Note: For BC fields, see the TRAX Specification for British Columbia reporting requirements.
Note: Course_Id and Section are included for completeness. These fields are only intended for use by PCR Educator software when Closing the School Year.
PCR Educator School Information System is an online database engineered for schools and universities to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design.

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