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Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Household_ID No Identifier "1" If specified, this field needs to be specified for all households and must be a unique numeric value.
Household_Name Required Data "Jackson Family"  
Parent1_First_Name No Data "John"  
Parent1_Last_Name Required if Parent2_Last_name is not specified Data "Madden"  
Parent2_First_Name No Data "Bob"  
Parent2_Last_Name Required if Parent1_Last_Name is not specified Data "Dole"  
Send_Mail_Yes_No No Data "Y" or "N" Used for "Send Mail" in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details.  Note:  While this field is not technically required, if there is any doubt about how this field should be specified for a household record set it to Y.
Carpool_Yes_No No Data "Y" or "N"  
Safe_Party_Yes_No No Data "Y" or "N" Used for "Safe Party" in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details.
Household_Web_Publish_Yes_No No Data "Y" or "N" Used for "Publish on online directory" in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details.
Household_Alternate_ID No Data "23532asd23" Must be a set of alphanumeric characters.
Household_Salutation No Data "Mr. and Mrs Jones"  
Household_Alernate_Salutation No Data "John and Samantha"  
Household_Addressee1 No Data "Mr H. Jones and Mrs. Q Jones", "Mr. Squall Leonhart"  
Household_Addressee2 No Data "Mrs. Quistis Trepe"  
Household_Address1 No Data "23 Summer Parkway"  
Household_Address2 No Data "Apt 123" Used if you need more room for an address.
Household_Address3 No Data "Ontario" Additional room for an address.
Household_City No Data "Baltimore"  
Household_State No Datasource Data "TX"  
Household_Zip No Data "43562", "34532-3323"  
Household_Country No Datasource Data "USA"  
Household_County_District No Datasource Data "Dallas"  
Household_Phone No Data "(635) 1234-007"  
Household_Email No Data ""  
Parent1_Type No Datasource Data "Mother", "Stepfather", "Guardian" Household Details>Parent1 Type
Parent1_First_Name No Data "Zell"  
Parent1_Middle_Name No Data "Balamb"  
Parent1_Preferred_Name No Data "Kristy"  
Parent1_Previous_Last_Name No Data "Dincht"  
Parent1_Suffix No Data "Jr." Household Details>Parent1 Suffix
Parent1_Sex No Datasource Data "Male" Household Details->Parent1 Gender
Parent1_Title No Datasource Data "Mr."  
Parent1_Birthdate No Data "1/02/64"  
Parent1_Deceased_Date No Data "1/06/15"  
Parent1_Citizenship No Datasource Data "USA"  
Parent1_Native_Language No Datasource Data "German"  
Parent1_Birthplace No Data "Germany"  
Parent1_alternate_ID No Data "23152a42"  
Parent1_Email No Data ""  
Parent1_Email1_Type No Datasource Data "Work"  
Parent1_Phone1 No Data "(234) 234-2235"  
Parent1_Phone1_Type No Datasource Data "Mobile"  
Parent1_Employer No Data "PCR Educator"  
Parent1_Position No Data "Chief Engineer"  
Parent1_Industry No Datasource Data "Software Technology"  
Parent1_Work_Address1 No Data "23 Summer Parkway"  
Parent1_Work_Address2 No Data "Apt 123" Used if you need more room for an address.
Parent1_Work_Address3 No Data "Ontario" Additional room for an address.
Parent1_Work_City No Data "Albany"  
Parent1_Work_State No Data "NY"  
Parent1_Work_Zip No Data "22345", "22234-2345"  
Parent1_Work_Country No Data "USA"  
Parent1_pincode No Data "32234" Used for check in/check out. Generally needed for afterschool activities.
Parent1_Year_Grad No Data 2003  
Parent1_Elementary_School No Data "North Olive Elementary"  
Parent1_Elementary_School_Degree No Data "Elementary School Diploma"  
Parent1_Elementary_School_Gradyr No Data "1973"  
Parent1_Middle_School No Data "Hamilton Middle"  
Parent1_Middle_School_Degree No Data "Middle School Diploma"  
Parent1_Middle_School_Gradyr No Data "1976"  
Parent1_High_School No Data "Moonglade Community High School"  
Parent1_High_School_Degree No Data "High School Diploma"  
Parent1_High_School_Gradyr No Data "1980"  
Parent1_Undergrad_School No Data "Florida State University"  
Parent1_Undergrad_School_Degree No Data "Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering"  
Parent1_Undergrad_School_Gradyr No Data "1984"  
Parent1_Grad_School1 No Data "Harvard University"  
Parent1_Grad_School_Degree1 No Data "Master of Applied Science"  
Parent1_Grad_School_Gradyr1 No Data "1986"  
Parent1_Grad_School2 No Data "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"  
Parent1_Grad_School_Degree2 No Data Doctor of Engineering  
Parent1_Grad_School_Gradyr2 No Data "1990"  
Physician_Name No Data "Dr.John Smith"  
Physician_Phone No Data "(342) 234-2342"  
Physician_Practice_Name No Data "John's Doctor House" Used in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details->Medial Info Practice Name
Insurance_Name No Data "HealthyUSA"  
Insurance_Num No Data "23424"  
Insurance_Group_Num No Data "12345678900"  
Insurance_Primary_Holder_Name No Data "Zell Dincht"  
Insurance_Primary_Holder_Employer No Data "PCR Educator" Used in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details->Medial Info Primary Holder Employer
Dentist_Name No Data "Vance McTeeth"  
Dentist_Phone No Data "(353) 757-3234"  
Bond_Id No Data "234323452" Exclusive for Canada. Used for Canada Learning Bond
Bond_Date_Issued No Data "3/02/10" Exclusive for Canada. Date Learning Bond was issued
Bond_Desc No Data "$1300" Exclusive for Canada. Value/Description of the Learning Bond.
Emergency1_Title No Datasource Data "Mrs."  
Emergency1_Type No Datasource Data "Grandmother"  
Emergency1_Relationship No Datasource Data "Grandfather"  
Emergency1_First_Name No Data "Edea"  
Emergency1_Last_Name No Data "Kramer"  
Emergency1_Ok_To_Pickup No Data "Y" or "N" Used for "Can Pickup" in Admin->Households->Details->Household Details->Emergency Contacts
Emergency1_Pincode No Data 36452 Pincode used for Check in/Check Out.
Emergency1_Phone1 No Data "(635) 235-2356"  
Emergency1_Phone1_Type No Datasource Data "Cell"  
Descriptors_Address1_Descriptor_type_ID No Data "32" Household Attribute Type Id
Descriptors_Address1_category No Lookup "Tuition Package" If the attribute ID is unknown, provide the house attribute category in this field. The system will use the category and attribute description to find the attribute ID.
Descriptors_Address1_attribute_desc No Lookup "Update payment info" If the attribute ID is unknown, provide the house attribute description in this field. The system will use the category and attribute description to find the attribute ID.
Descriptors_Address1_year No Data "20202021" "Must be in the format of 8 digits. (XXXXYYYY). If attribute timing is set to "global", leave this blank."
Descriptors_Address1_descriptor_comment No Data "Use payment info on file" A comment relating to the attribute.

Notes: Parent1_Email and Parent1_Email_Type are repeated 2 more times (for a total of 3 potential email addresses).
All fields for Parent1 are repeated for Parent2.
Parent1_Phone1 and Parent1_Phone1_Type are repeated 3 more times (for a total of 4 potential phone numbers)
Emergency_Phone1 and Emergency_Phone1_Type are repeated 2 more times per contact (for a total of 3 potential phone numbers). All Emergency information is repeated 5 additional times (for a total of 6 contacts).
The Descriptor_address fields are repeated 9 more times (for a total of 10 different addresses)

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