Importing New Records - Staff

Follow the steps for Importing New Records
Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Teacher_Id No Key ID Field “1234”  
Teacher_Last_Name Required Data “Smith”  
Teacher_First_Name Required Data “Jim”  
Teacher_Office No Data “US01”  
Alternate_Teacher_Id No Data “A1b3”  
Teacher_Sex No Datasource Data “Male” Admin > Staff > Details - Gender
Teacher_Active Yes Boolean  "1"  
Employment_Status No Datasource Data “Full Time” Admin > Staff > Details - Employment Status
Lunch_Table No Datasource Data “Table A” Admin > Staff > Details - Lunch Table
Teacher_Ethnic_Group No Datasource Data “African American” Admin > Staff > Details - Ethnic Group
Hired_Date No Data “12/31/2021”  
Phone_Number No Data “(123)-456-7890  
Household_ID Required if Household_Name is not unique Identifier “1234”  
Household_Name Required if Household_ID is not specified Lookup “Smith Family”  

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