Importing New Records - Student Attendance

Follow the steps for Importing New Records.
Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Attendance_Detail_Id No Identifier "1"  
Student_Id Yes, if Lookup_Student_First_Name, Lookup_Student_Last_Name, and Lookup_Student_Birthdate are not specified Identifier "1"
lookup_student_first_name Yes, if Student_Id is not specified Lookup "John"
lookup_student_last_name Yes, if Student_Id is not specified Lookup "Doe"
lookup_birthdate No Lookup "1/1/2000"
School_Id Yes Identifier "1"
attendance_discipline_type_id Yes, if lookup_attendance_description is not specified Identifier "1"
lookup_attendance_description Yes, if attendance_discipline_type_id is not specified Datasource "Absent Unexcused"
Occurence_date_time Yes Data "1/1/2000" The date must appear in the daily rotation for the school_id.

Note: A time portion may also be specified with the date.
Day_Amount Yes Data "0.0"
Explanation No Data "Doctor Appointment"

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