We would like to email out student passwords. I can't see a field to email merge other than "log in" which is just the username and not the password. Is there a way to 1. import student passwords to PCR and 2. to email that information to each individual student?


For security reasons, all passwords are encrypted before they are stored in Campus and it is technically impossible to decrypt those passwords.
Using Default Passwords
If a student's login was automatically created in Campus and their password had not been changed, his/her login will be using the default password, which is a field that is available in a Security -> Users email merge. You can force a student's login to use their default password by going to their (student) Details -> Login page and making sure that the "Use Default Password" radio button is selected before clicking the Change Password button.
Using Reset Password Link
If you create (or already have) a page that has the "ResetPassword" control, you can provide your students with their usernames and a link to the aforementioned page during an email merge; they will be able to reset their passwords after submitting the necessary information. 
Using Imported Passwords
You can import student passwords in Campus by going to Security -> Import -> Security Imports -> Users. More information regarding importing usernames and passwords can be found on that page. When importing passwords, some schools like to create passwords for users that follow a predefined pattern (e.g. a student's password could be his/her first name + last name + student ID). Since this information is available as merge fields (i.e. StudentFirstName, StudentLastName and StudentId) when conducting an email merge, schools can choose to relay this information to the students when sending out an email merge containing information regarding their logins and passwords.

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