Join us in Reno at the ATLIS 2024 Annual Conference

We are excited to announce that PCR Educator will be attending the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) 2024 Annual Conference, held from April 7-10 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. This prestigious event is a must-attend for technology leaders in independent schools, offering a rich platform for professional development, networking, and innovation in educational technology.

Under the leadership of our President, Maria Duhovich, our team looks forward to connecting with educators, technologists, and thought leaders to share insights and explore new frontiers in educational technology. The ATLIS conference aligns with PCR Educator's commitment to providing robust, innovative solutions that empower schools and educators to enhance learning experiences.

Join us in Reno for a stimulating exchange of ideas and to learn more about how PCR Educator is driving transformation in independent schools through advanced technology. We are eager to demonstrate our latest products and discuss how we can support your institution in achieving its educational goals.

We invite all attendees to connect with us during the conference to discover the impact of cutting-edge technology in education and how PCR Educator can be part of your school's success story.

Visit our website for more details and follow us for updates on our participation in the ATLIS 2024 Annual Conference. Let's innovate and inspire together for the future of education.

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