Mark Type Heading

Mark Types Headings organize Mark Types into groups for Report Cards, Progress Reports, and Interim Reports.

Subject is the heading as it appears on the portals and on reports.

Note can be used to help you identify the heading and how it is used. 
Example: You might have multiple headings of the subject “Grades”, but with different grading requirements at different grade levels, or course subjects.  You want the heading to say Grades on the report card but need to differentiate them when associating them with courses.  You can add a more detailed description for your own convenience in this field.

Use the up and down arrows to the left of the existing headings to control the order that they should appear - both on the teacher portal and on reports.

Headings can only be deleted if they have no mark types attached.

Note: Mark Types Headings must be added to course before teachers can enter grades.  There are multiple ways for configuring course mark type headings.

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