Moves Management Track

Moves management is a cultivation process in which fundraisers manage a series of steps, known as moves, for each prospect. Although these steps vary depending on the individual prospect, each step "moves" the prospect from attention, to interest, to desire to give. Fundraisers continually move prospects toward their next gift.

Each "move" (Action) represents a separate contact that your organization had with the prospect.  These moves include emails, phone calls, letters, faxes, face-to-face conversations, and planned events. Most moves don't involve asking the prospect to make a gift. Instead, they cultivate an affinity for your organization. Example: you might discuss community issues, with a prospect at a dinner party, and of the issues is the focus of your organization. During a dinner party, you don't ask the prospect for a gift, but you do build a relationship. You want to make an impression on the prospect regarding your organization or a giving opportunity.

Moves management track defines a series of actions or moves that should result in a donation. Moves management tracks provide structure and organization by automatically suggesting and scheduling next actions (moves) based on previous steps. Using Moves Management Tracks can be compared to finite state machines where each step directs the next action. Some states can represent loops. For instance, once you qualified a donor for major donation (i.e. ‘Qualification - Positive'), you may have the next action of ‘Contact Email/Phone'. This is an example of a loop action that will continue rescheduling itself at predefined intervals such as every 3 weeks, so that you can continue reaching out to the potential donor until you hear anything back or decide to finish the track due to no response. 

Moves management tracks can be associated with donors or with asks. When associated with asks, moves management tracks assist you in cultivating the ask as they drive the direction of interactions with your prospective donors. 

Note: To create a new track, follow the steps of Creating Moves Management Track.
Note: To assign a record to a new track, follow the steps of Assigning Moves Management Track.
Note: To manage a track, follow the steps of Managing Moves Management Track.
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