New Feature: Flexible Revenue Recognition

We are thrilled to announce a powerful new feature: Earn Date Revenue Recognition. This enhancement is designed to provide you with more flexible deferred revenue recognition, ensuring your financial reporting and management are optimized.

Key Benefits of Earn Date Revenue Recognition:

Precision and Compliance: Manage deferred revenue recognition across various scenarios and transaction types with accuracy.
Flexibility: Choose from multiple recognition methods to best fit your financial practices.
Improved Financial Reporting: Ensure your financial data reflects real-time, accurate revenue recognition.

Feature Details:

Our Earn Date Revenue Recognition method includes three versatile options:

Earn on Receipt Earn Date Only:
- Recognizes revenue solely based on the receipt earn date, regardless of when the invoice was issued.
- Ensures the timing of invoices does not affect revenue recognition.
Earn on Invoices Before Earn Date:
- If an invoice is issued before the earn date, revenue is recognized on the invoice date.
- Adjusts recognition based on invoice timing, ensuring compliance with financial standards.
Earn on Invoices Always:
- Recognizes revenue based on the invoice date, regardless of the earn date. 
- Overrides the earn date if an invoice is associated, aligning revenue recognition with invoice timing.

To get started, please review these articles and reach out to

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