Notification Trigger - Customer Balance Low

The purpose of the Customer Balance Low trigger generates automatic emails to customers when their balance is low.  This trigger is particularly useful to remind customers when they have a low lunch balance to upload funds to their accounts.

To create a Notification Trigger, follow the steps of Creating Notification Trigger.

Custom Settings

Select the appropriate Ledger

Posted Type
refers to transactions that are counted in the customer balance. If Posted is selected, then only posted transactions are counted in the customer balance to determine whether it is low.  If Unposted is selected, then both posted and unposted transactions are taken into account in the customer balance to determine whether it is low.

Balance Due At Least
determines how low a customer's balance needs to be for the email to go out.  Note: An overall customer balance of a negative amount means that the customer has a credit.  Example: If you set the Balance Due At Least setting to -10, it means that an email will go out if the customer has a credit of $10 or less.
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