Official Report

Official Reports are archived PDF reports retained in the database and often made available for download on the Teacher Portal or Parent Portal.  Official Reports may be accessed by navigating to Administrator > Comments&Marks > Official Reports.  You need the Registrar Read or Registrar Full role to access this page.  Official Reports may also be accessed by navigating to Admin > Student > Details > Progress PDF, Admin > Student > Details> Report Cards PDF, or Admin > Student > Details > Transcripts PDF.  You will need Registrar Read, Registrar Full, or ArchivalReports Read role to access these pages.

Report Type is either Report Card, Progress Report, or Transcript

Sub Type
is an option your school controls.  The standard setup only has an option of “Default” but other options can be added to allow for multiple reports of the same Report Type for the same Marking PeriodExample: You might choose to archive two versions of the transcript: an unofficial version available for download on the Parent Portal, and an official version for internal use only.  Since they are both the same report for the same year, you can differentiate them by saving them with a different Sub Type.

Academic Year is the school year that the report is for.

Household is the household the report is for.  Most reports have an address appearing on the report.  If a student has multiple “send mail” households associated, each household will receive their own copy of the report.

Available Date is the date/time that the report will be available for parents to download the report on the Parent Portal.  Note:  This date time is based on the Time Zone specified in the Application Setup (CMS/Website)Note:  If no Available Date is specified, the report will not be available for download by parents on the CMS Parent Portal.

Note:  Only one archived pdf may exist for a given Report Type, Sub Type, Year, Marking Period, Household, and Student combination.  If you want to have multiple reports then use a different Sub Type to differential them.

Note:  While it is possible to manually upload individual PDF reports, Archiving Official Reports is the preferred way to create Official Reports.
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